Lawn Care Crew Leader

  1. Position description:
    • The Lawn Care Crew Leader must be thoroughly familiar with all aspects of Lawn & Landscape Maintenance to include: cleanups, mowing, mulching, trimming, edging, bed maintenance, fertilization, etc.; operating all equipment, and interfacing with customers, subcontractors, and suppliers. Requires minimal supervision and performs all functions in a safe manner and while directing a crew of two to four employees. The Lawn Care Crew Leader must also attend to and complete all paperwork and administrative requirements related to the job while creating and maintaining a professional job atmosphere.

  2. Reports to:
    • Directly to the Manager / Supervisor

  3. Necessary skill set and educational requirements:
    • The Lawn Care Crew Leader must possess the following skillset and educational background:
    • Minimum of a high school diploma or GED.
    • Has a minimum of two years of experience in lawn and landscape maintenance.
    • Possess a valid driver’s license and must be insurable on the company’s insurance policy.
    • Have a clean criminal record.
    • Legal documentation to verify employment eligibility.
    • Physically able to handle the workload of a Lawn Care Crew Leader and/or Laborer.
    • Have full range of mobility in the upper and lower body
    • Able to lift 75 pounds without assistance.
    • Able to interact with customers in a professional and courteous manner on a daily basis.

  4. Responsibilities:
    • Thoroughly understands all aspects of lawn and landscape maintenance as outlined above.
    • Able to operate company trucks and all maintenance equipment safely and effectively.
    • Able to perform all daily preventative maintenance (PM) on company equipment.
    • Able to order materials.
    • Has the leadership capability and demeanor to effectively manage and direct a crew of two to four people.
    • Meets or exceeds company productivity standards for Landscape Maintenance.
    • Ensures that jobs are kept on schedule and on budget.
    • Ensures that all safety procedures are followed and reports any unsafe conditions to the supervisor.
    • Ensures all workers’ compensation insurance claims are properly documented and reported immediately.
    • Ensures all accidents are properly documented and reported to immediately.
    • Looks for extras and converts them into change orders when appropriate.
    • Ensures all change orders are processed correctly
    • Interfaces with suppliers to ensure timely and accurate delivery of job materials.
    • Interfaces with subcontractors to ensure timely and accurate completion of their phase of projects.
    • Ensures that company production standards are met.
    • Maintains a clean crew truck at all times.
    • Able to fill out and process all necessary job paperwork, purchase orders and timesheets etc.
    • Able to interact with clients in a professional and competent manner
    • Able to train crew as a team and maintain a high level of morale.
    • Ensures that job cost reports are properly analyzed.
    • Thoroughly understands and complies with company policies, procedures and SOP’s
    • Able to work with minimal supervision from a supervisor, but knows when to ask for assistance.
    • Continuing education recommended.

  5. Appraisal criteria:
    • The primary appraisal criteria for the Lawn Care Crew Leader is to be able to perform all Lawn and landscape maintenance tasks in a safe manner with minimal supervision while meeting or exceeding company production standards and maintaining a high level of crew morale.

  6. Success factors:
    • Is high-energy and self-motivated and capable of supervising his/her crew on a daily basis.
    • Is organized in all areas (personal, office space, field operations, crew truck, job site, etc.).
    • Leads by example
    • Presents himself or herself in a professional manner.
    • Initiates action when needed
    • Anticipates problems and plans ahead for needed materials, equipment, and assistance.
    • Requires minimal supervision
    • Informs Manager/Supervisor when assistance is needed.

  7. Individual profile:
    • A self-starter
    • Action-oriented and results-oriented.
    • Excels at coaching and building a team.
    • Excels at leading and managing a crew
    • A multitasker.
    • Prone to act more than analyze.

  8. Professional attitude:
    • Customer service-oriented.
    • Enjoys coaching and building a team of professionals.
    • Displays a positive, “can-do” demeanor.
    • Encourages, assists, and supports fellow staff members.
    • Requires minimal supervision
    • Desires to grow professionally and seeks to improve personal skill sets.
    • Seeks out other professionals with whom to network
    • Is punctual and energetic.
    • Accepts and appreciates correctional input/feedback from fellow staff members.
    • Enjoys working with and contributing to a team
    • Maintains high professional standards for neatness, discipline, self-control, and organization.
    • Is not moody, belligerent, narcissistic, vindictive, mean-spirited, etc.

  9. Potential career path for the next four positions:
    • Lawn Care Technician
    • Lawn Care Technician Crew Leader
    • Lawn Maintenance Foreman.
    • Operations Manager.
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